‘Fear The Walking Dead’ spin-off unveils premiere date

Nick Stahl returns to face the ensuing nuclear zombie apocalypse

A release date has been confirmed for the forthcoming Fear The Walking Dead submarine-based spin-off.

Announced early last year, Dead In The Water is set aboard the USS Pennsylvania on the night before the nuclear zombie apocalypse, with Nick Stahl returning as weapons officer Riley.

Dead In The Water looks back as Stahl’s character Riley, a new father, is forced to fight for survival as the apocalypse ensues. The show will be coming to AMC+ on April 10, according to ComicBook.


Kim Dickens Madison Clark
Kim Dickens returns as Madison Clark CREDIT: AMC/YouTube

Early on in the spin-off’s development, Fear The Walking Dead co-showrunner Ian Goldberg told Twitch’s TWDUniverse livestream: “We are working on telling the backstory of the USS Pennsylvania. I can’t say much other than we’re figuring it out right now.

“We have a story, we have a script, and we’re just putting the pieces in place.”

Earlier this week (March 15), a new trailer confirmed that Kim Dickens makes her return as Madison Clark for the second half of Fear The Walking Dead’s seventh season.

After her return was announced last December, a trailer for The Walking Dead spin-off has now provided some clues to Madison’s whereabouts since season four.


The character, who was presumed dead after sacrificing herself to a horde of walkers in a stadium, is seen hobbling to a chair before an unknown person asks her name.

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