‘Fear The Walking Dead’ star Colman Domingo discusses Victor Strand’s sexuality

"I always love that he's not led with just being queer"

Fear The Walking Dead star Colman Domingo has opened up about the sexuality of his character Victor Strand.

Domingo, who has played Victor in the AMC spin-off show since the show’s inception, recently discussed how the show was a “turning point” for him in terms of taking on a gay character as a gay actor.

“When I went to Fear The Walking Dead, the character was built in such a complex way, and I gave all that I had to it,” Domingo told Entertainment Weekly.


“We didn’t even make the decision that he was queer until season two, that was a surprise and I thought, ‘Oh, I think that’s interesting for the character.’ Because now the audiences know him to be a con man. Now you peel back the layers, you get something else.”

Fear The Walking Dead

Domingo continued: “I always love that he’s not led with just being queer. Sometimes writers want to lean into that very quickly because they think, ‘Oh, that’s who he is.’ I’m like, ‘No, queer people have so many other layers and colours and complexities and it’s not just about who they are attracted to.’

“Also, I like to change Victor Strand up, because my secret with Victor Strand is that he’s a bit more fluid than anyone can even imagine.”

The actor went on to call the show “such a blessing” in his life and anticipated shooting season seven of Fear The Walking Dead.


In a four-star review of Fear The Walking Dead season 6B, NME wrote: “This spin-off has bounced back with its most impactful and gratifying experience since season four.”

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