‘Fear The Walking Dead’ unveils first-look photos for season six

The first episode of the new season lands in October

AMC have shared a first look at the upcoming sixth season of Fear The Walking Dead.

The new edition of the Walking Dead spin-off will air in October.

Ahead of the October 11 episode one premiere, the show’s Instagram account has now shared a host of photos from the new season, which you can see below.


Included in the pictures is an image of the show’s star Lennie James behind the camera, hinting that he will step into the director’s chair for an episode or more during the season.

Earlier this year, a crew member working on Fear The Walking Dead said that the first half of the sixth season will be like “an anthology”.

Director of photography Andrew Strahorn said: “Each character has their own perspective with regards to the way they saw their involvement within the world and within each other’s lives [as well as] the dynamic between the relationships good and bad.”

Strahorn also teased an “evolution” in the new season’s storylines. “There’s a heavier cloud that sits over people’s heads,” he said, adding that there is “definitely a progression of not only subject matter but tone. It’s a lot more, I would say, to the forefront with the sense of loss and people choosing sides and where they stand going forward in this new world.”


The first trailer for season six was released back in April, and hinted that Morgan may just still be alive. Speaking to NME earlier this year, Lennie James, who plays Morgan, spoke of the character’s fate.

“He is a survivor, but in this universe, as it’s been proven over and over again on both The Walking Dead and Fear…, anybody’s time can be called,” James said.

“There have been a number of characters that people have said ‘oh, that character can’t die, they’ll be there forever’ and then they’ve gone. Rick and Carl are good examples of that. Nothing’s guaranteed, but maybe Morgan’s time is up — maybe it isn’t. Hopefully we’ll get to see the new season of Fear… and see how that plays out.”