‘Fear The Walking Dead’: watch the eerie new trailer for season 6B

"Whatever's coming, we can face it together..."

A new trailer for Fear The Walking Dead season six has been released – you can watch it below now.

Part 6B of the AMC spin-off to The Walking Dead will hit US screens on April 11 before arriving in the UK the following day (April 12).

An official synopsis reads: “The second half of season six reveals the impact of what living under Virginia’s control has done to each person in this group, who once saw themselves as a family.”


Landing yesterday (March 10), the new 30-second trailer comes with the tagline “The End Is The Beginning”. At the start of the clip, Victor Strand (Colman Domingo) says: “Whatever’s coming, we can face it together.”

Later, there’s a warning that “they’re here” before the action ramps up. We then see a sinister painting of a bare tree with “The End Is The Beginning” painted above its branches in yellow.

The latest glimpse of Fear The Walking Dead 6B comes after a dark one-minute trailer arrived last month, which was captioned: “Death is inevitable but from this comes new life.”

Speaking in an interview with Digital Spy last year, Jenna Elfman – who portrays June Dorie – discussed how FTWD‘s new anthology format has given the show new life.

“This is kind of a weird analogy, but it’s sort of like a cargo vest, with all the pockets,” she said. ”I feel like the audience has a pocket for each character that they get to load up with supplies while they’re watching.


“You really know what’s going on with each character, and you can really track their commitment, the problems, the conflict, the alliances, and really understand them and be emotionally invested. I think it’s really fun for the audience.”

Season six of Fear The Walking Dead has been split into two parts due to production delays caused by the coronavirus – you can read NME‘s review of part one here.