Watch the first teaser for ‘Blind’, starring 2PM’s Taecyeon, Apink’s Eunji, Ha Seok-jin and more

The new mystery thriller series lands on tVN in September

tVN has unveiled a new teaser for its upcoming mystery thriller K-drama, Blind

In the brief new visual for the upcoming K-drama, three of the show’s main characters, played by 2PM’s Taecyeon, Apink’s Eunji and Ha Seok-jin, are engulfed by a thick fog as they cover their eyes. Taecyeon’s voice can be heard as he begs the question in reference to the show’s focus on the judicial system, “Who has closed their eyes?”

Blind is slated for premiere on South Korean cable network tVN in September.


Blind is set to follow the stories of ordinary citizens who have fallen victim to crime, while their perpetrators turn a blind eye to uncomfortable truths of the world. The story is said to be centred around public servants, such as detectives, jurors, judges, law school students and more. Blind is penned by screenwriter Kwon Ki-kyung of Andante fame and directed by Voice 4 and Tunnel director Shin Yong-hwi.

Taecyeon is cast as Blind’s leading protagonist Ryu Sung-joon, a violent crimes detective hellbent on putting criminals behind bars. His arrest rate is among the top in the force due to his determination, however he is sometimes mistaken as a thug due to his vigour.

Meanwhile, Eunji stars on the show as social worker Jo Eun-ki, who took up social work as her way to help more children after going through the hardships of her childhood. Meanwhile, Ha will portray Ryu Sung-hoon, Sung-joon’s older brother. Said to be a genius who graduated top of his class in law school before going on to become a judge, he is described as a straightforward man who endeavours to make fair judgements.

In other news, Netflix has unveiled a new trailer for its upcoming crime thriller K-drama, A Model Family. Starring Jung Woo, Park Hee-soon and more, the new series is slated to premiere on the streaming platform next month. Watch the trailer here.

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