‘Game Of Thrones’: Cryptic tweet gives fans hope for finale remake

"Unless you erase and re-do season 8 no shit is coming"

A cryptic tweet from the official Game of Thrones account has got fans hoping for a series finale remake.

The account tweeted “Winter is coming,” yesterday (April 14), prompting fans to discuss the final episode and speculate about a remake.

“Never before have I seen a series nose dive so hard and be abandoned by its fans and viewers,” one person tweeted.


“I’m currently re-watching the show and it physically hurts to know how unrewarding the finale is. If y’all can revive this franchise, it would be a miracle.”

Another fan said: “Between us I’m ALL IN on us pretending it’s early 2019, season 8 hasn’t happened yet, and doing the damn thing fresh. Our secret!” while someone else simply wrote: “Unless you erase and re-do season 8 no shit is coming.”

Meanwhile, a recent survey of 1,500 fans found that Game of Thrones had been voted the second most disappointing TV finale ever.


The survey found that 27.3 per cent of viewers said Lost had the most disappointing finale, with Game Of Thrones coming second, as voted for by 25 per cent of respondents.

It also found that for male fans, Game Of Thrones was crowned the most disappointing finale by 24.6 per cent of respondents.

There are currently three new Game Of Thrones spin-off series in the works in addition to the forthcoming House of the Dragon.

The latter is set to start production this month and will land on HBO in 2022.

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