George RR Martin says ‘Game of Thrones’ is no more “anti-woman” than real-life

"I don’t think Westeros is particularly more anti-woman or more misogynistic than real life"

Game of Thrones author George RR Martin has said the franchise world is no more “anti-woman” than real-life history.

The writer responded to criticism regarding forthcoming HBO prequel series House of the Dragon, in which there won’t be a queen taking to the Iron Throne.

“I get inspiration from history, and then I take elements from history and I turn it up to 11,” Martin said at a Comic-Con panel, per Entertainment Weekly.


Games of Thrones is, as many people have observed, based very loosely on the War of the Roses. [House of the Dragon] is based on an earlier period in history called the Anarchy.”

He added: “I don’t think Westeros is particularly more anti-woman or more misogynistic than real life and what we call history.”

Game of Thrones star Emilia Clarke addressed criticism the show faced about its treatment of women back in 2016.

“There’s so much controversy. Yet that’s what’s beautiful about Game of Thrones – its depiction of women in so many different stages of development,” she told Entertainment Weekly.

“There are women depicted as sexual tools, women who have zero rights, women who are queens but only to a man, and then there are women who are literally unstoppable and as powerful as you can possibly imagine.

“So it pains me to hear people taking Thrones out of context with anti-feminist spin – because you can’t do that about this show. It shows the range that happens to women and ultimately shows women are not only equal, but have a lot of strength.”


George RR Martin recently called out “toxic internet” culture following backlash the eighth season of the flagship series received.