Go behind the scenes of the ‘South Park’ pandemic special

Tackling Zoom schooling, police defunding and more

A making-of video of the South Park extended ‘Pandemic Special’ episode has been released.

South Park Studios shared the clip on their YouTube channel yesterday (September 30) to tie in with the premiere of ‘The Pandemic Special’.

The episode launched season 24, and is the show’s first one-off, hour-long release. The content, in line with the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, poked fun at Zoom schooling, police defunding and the importance of voting in the upcoming US election.


Take a look at the behind-the-scenes video here:

‘The Pandemic Special’ ends with a groundbreaking moment for the show, in which the character of President Garrison breaks the fourth wall to encourage viewers to vote.

“Don’t forget to get out and vote, everybody! Big election coming up!” Garrison says, before burning a pangolin deemed responsible for the COVID-19 pandemic in the episode.

Last weekend, South Park helped fill the Denver Broncos stadium by sending over 1800 cardboard cut-outs to sit in the stands.

The gesture follows the implementation of coronavirus-related restrictions which only allow 5700 socially distanced fans to sit in the stadium to watch the game.


Characters chosen for the cutouts include Stan, Cartman, Kyle and Kenny – all wearing face masks for the occasion.

In other South Park news, five episodes were recently excluded from HBO Max due to the depictions of Prophet Muhammad.

The affected episodes include ‘Super Best Friends’ from season five, and episodes ‘200’ and ‘201’ from season 14 – which were also previously removed from Hulu and the official South Park website.