‘Golden Spoon’: BtoB’s Yook Sung-jae stars in whimsical new teaser for fantasy K-drama

The new series, also featuring DIA’s Chae-yeon and ex-MOMOLAND member Yeonwoo, premieres in late September

MBC has dropped a brand-new teaser for its upcoming fantasy K-drama Golden Spoon (literal translation), starring BtoB singer Sung-jae.

Based on a webtoon of the same name, Golden Spoon follows a man born to a poverty-stricken family who switches lives with a friend from a wealthy background using a magical golden spoon.

The new visual features with a mysterious elderly lady (played by Song Ok-sook), who sells various antiquities on the street. One of the items on sale is a gold-tinted spoon with a label that promises it “can make you rich”. A man walks past and curiously picks it up as the lady urges him to purchase it for himself.


Golden Spoon premieres its first episode on South Korean cable network MBC on September 23 at 9:50pm KST, and will air a new episode every subsequent Friday.

BtoB’s Sung-jae stars as the series’ lead character Lee Seung-chun, the man who uses the spoon to switch fates with his wealthier friend. Aside from Sung-jae, Golden Spoon also stars a number of idol-actors, including DIA’s Chae-yeon and ex-MOMOLAND member Yeonwoo. Lee Jong-won will also star as Hwang Tae-yong, Seung-chun’s wealthy friend.

As the story progresses, he begins to struggle between his desire to escape poverty and his reluctance to give up his real family. Along the way, Seung-chun also encounters the honest, down-to-earth Na Jo-hee (played by Chae-yeon) and bold Oh Yeo-jin (Yeonwoo), both of whom were raised in wealthy families.

The series is helmed by director Song Hyun-wook, who has worked on hit dramas and films like The King’s Affection, Another Oh Hae-young, Beauty Inside, among others. He is joined by screenwriter Kim Eun-hee, who has written for Winter Sonata and Sweet 18.