‘Haikyu!’ premieres trailer for two-part anime finale movie

Season four of the popular anime aired in 2020

Beloved volleyball anime Haikyu! has released the first trailer for the two-part finale movie titled Haikyu!! FINAL that will showcase the final match between the Karasuno and Nekoma teams.

While no release date has been given for the two-part finale, the new trailer suggests that the finale will not only cover the final match between Karasuno and Nekoma at the Tokyo Nationals tournament where the anime last left off in its fourth season, but will also address events from the manga’s final arc.

Watch the first trailer for ‘Haikyu!! FINAL’ below.


Season four of the popular anime aired in 2020 and featured an emotional and high-octane arc that matched up the underdog team of series protagonist Shoyo Hinata, Karasuno High School, against the best and brightest volleyball teams in their district as Karasuno attempted to reclaim past glories by winning the Tokyo Nationals tournament.

The season ended with Inarizaki High School falling to Karasuno in the tournament in the third round, setting up a long-awaited clash between Karasuno and fellow underdog team Nekoma in a match dubbed the ‘Battle of the Garbage Dump’ due to Karasuno’s mascot being a crow and Nekoma’s being a cat.

Haikyu!‘s manga also came to a close in 2020, having first started life in February 2012 in the pages of Shueisha’s Weekly Shōnen Jump. Author Haruichi Furudate was himself a member of his high school volleyball team, and would often attend school just to participate in club activities despite less than stellar grades.

Haikyu! has since spawned the anime series, as well as four OVA episodes and two Nintendo 3DS games. Protagonist Hinata has also gone on to appear in the Weekly Shōnen Jump crossover fighting game J-Stars Victory VS, which was released for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita in 2014.