Han So-hee and Song Kang discuss upcoming series finale of ‘Nevertheless’

The pair also picked some of their favourite scenes from the hit drama

Han So-hee and Song Kang have shared their thoughts on JTBC’s Nevertheless ahead of its final episode.

In a recent interview with SPOTVNews, the duo opened up about the upcoming finale of Nevertheless, which airs tomorrow (August 21) at 11pm KST. Han (World of The Married, Abyss) and Song (Sweet Home, Love Alarm) also shared some of their favourite moments from the series.

Originally premiering on JTBC in June, Nevertheless tells the story of sculpture art major Yoo Na-bi (played by Han So-hee), who falls for her schoolmate Park Jae-on (Song Kang) when he pulls her into a complicated friends-with-benefits relationship.


Song said that the final episode can be summed up with the word “growth”. “I think you’ll be able to enjoy the drama more if you focus on whether Park Jae-on, who has opened his eyes to the emotion of love, will be able to change and grow because of Yoo Na-bi,” teased the actor, per Soompi.

The actor went on to reveal that his favourite scene from Nevertheless was when the two lead characters first met at a pub. “I liked it because it’s a scene that captures the subtleties of their relationship,” he explained, “as well as the heart-fluttering excitement and tension of the first meeting between two people who don’t know whether this is fate or chance.”

Meanwhile, Han chose the final scene of episode 2, where her character pulls Park Jae-on in for a kiss, jumping headfirst into what she knew was a risky relationship, as her favourite Nevertheless scene. “I hope you’ll stay tuned until the very end to find out whether Yoo Na-bi and Park Jae-on’s relationship is, in fact, true love,” she said.

The two actors also expressed their thanks to viewers of the drama. “I truly thank the people who rooted for their love. I hope that the drama Nevertheless became a good memory and time well spent for you in this sweltering summer,” said Han.

“Thanks to all of you giving Nevertheless so much love, it was a time for which I was truly grateful,” added Song. “Please show a lot of love and anticipation up until the very end.”