Han So-hee is out for blood in Netflix’s new ‘My Name’ teaser

The upcoming revenge-thriller series premieres later this month

Netflix has unveiled the latest teaser clip for its upcoming revenge-thriller drama My Name.

My Name stars rising actress Han So-hee (Nevertheless, World of The Married), Ahn Bo-hyun (Yumi’s Cells) and industry veteran Park Hee-Soon (Monstrum).

The forthcoming series revolves around Han’s character, Yoon Ji-woo, who joins a drug cartel led by Choi Moo-jin (portrayed by Park) in an attempt to investigate and avenge her father’s sudden death. She later joins the police force as a mole for the crime group, where she is partnered with detective Jeon Pil-do (portrayed by Ahn).


The new trailer sheds light on Yoon’s past, revealing the circumstances of her father’s tragic death. “Ji-woo, it’s me, Dad,” he calls from outside her flat. Just as she reaches to open the door, a hooded figure shoots her father in the chest, leaving him to die on his daughter’s doorstep.

In the next few scenes, a bruised and battered Ji-woo desperately tries to hunt down the killer, before crossing paths with drug cartel leader Moo-jin. “A cop killed [your father],” he informs her, tossing a gun across the table.


Ji-woo later infiltrates the police department under disguised as rookie officer Oh Hye-jin. “If you want to kill him, you should be capable of murder,” says Park in a voiceover. Later, Ji-woo’s loyalties are challenged as she is assigned to take down the very organisation that had planted her in the police force.

She is also seen growing closer to her superior, Ahn’s Jeon Pil-do. “Let’s catch whoever you want together,” he says with a smile, offering her a hi-five. The pair later share a laugh over drinks in a dimly-lit room. “My life has no purpose if I can’t kill him,” says Ji-woo.


My Name is directed by Kim Jin-min, who had previously helmed thriller dramas such as Lawless Lawyer (2018) and Netflix’s 2020 gritty hit teen-crime drama Extracurricular. It is scheduled to premiere on the streaming platform on October 15