Han So-hee opens up about the difficulties she faced while playing Yoo Na-bi in ‘Nevertheless’

"It took me a long time to become one with Yoo Na-bi"

Actress Han So-hee has opened up about her lead role in Nevertheless as Yoo Na-bi.

In a recent interview with Harper’s Bazaar Koreathe Korean actress discussed how she prepared to play Yoo Na-bi in the hit Netflix drama Nevertheless, confessing that “it took [her] a long time to become one with Yoo Na-bi”, per translations by Soompi.

“I realised it’s more important to focus on emotions of the moment than to decide something and express it,” she said. “I chose to stop rather than express myself when I was faced with overwhelming emotions.”


Elsewhere in the interview, Han also spoke about her fanbase, admitting she has “always been embarrassed to receive so much love with just my appearance, but now I want to repay [my fans] in some way”. She also added that she wants to “work hard so that I can show them that their precious hearts are not just simple cheers but a great power that protects me and helps me grows”.

Nevertheless is a romance drama series based on a webtoon about a woman named Yoo Na-bi, who doesn’t believe in love but desires to date and a man named Park Jaeon (portrayed by actor Song Kang) who doesn’t want to date but wants to engage in flings.

JTBC has described the drama as “a realistic depiction of the naughty romance between excessively sweet and dangerously sexy 22-year-old young souls”, per Soompi.

At the end of last month, JTBC said that it will significantly reduce the appearance of actor Kim Min-gwi in the series after his recent cheating scandal.