Han So-hee says ‘Soundtrack #1’ reminds her of “unrequited love” from her youth

The K-drama premieres on Disney+ next week

Soundtrack #1 star Han So-hee says her time working on the upcoming series reminded her of the “unrequited love” she experienced in her youth.

In a recent interview with Star Today, Han spoke about how her time working and filming for Soundtrack #1 had led her to recall memories of her own personal experiences with unrequited love when she was younger.

“It’s a drama that made me look back on the youthful feelings of unrequited love from when I was young and remember how I was back then,” she said, as translated by Soompi.


Notably, the new series revolves around a pair of longtime friends and music lovers who end up living together for two weeks after unexpected circumstances. As the pair spend more time together, they begin to question their relationship as the line between friends and lovers grows increasingly blurry.

Elsewhere in the interview, Han also admitted that she felt both “nervous and delighted” for viewers to finally watch Soundtrack #1 when it premieres next week on March 23, as her character of Seo Eun-soo is what she describes as a “character that’s quite different from my previous roles”.

“I think this character comes the closest to my personality that fans know, so I’m curious to see what people will think,” she shared.

Han’s Seo Eun-soo is a lyricist who made her debut three years prior to the beginning of the drama. She is described as a lively and straightforward character who is honest and open about her emotions.

Meanwhile, co-star Park Hyung-sik’s Han Sun-woo is described as a quiet photographer with a warm and caring personality. Watch the latest trailer for Soundtrack #1 here.

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