‘Hellbound’ actor Park Jeong-min says he “improvised a lot” during filming

"I can't remember how much I ad-libbed”

Park Jeong-min has opened up about his role in Netflix’s hit dark fantasy K-drama series Hellbound.

In a recent interview with Yonhap News Agency, the 34-year-old actor spoke about how he had initially found his character Bae Young-jae too “monotonous and flat” in the series’ original screenplay, which led to many unscripted moments while filming. Bae is notably one of the central characters in the second-half of the series’ six-episode order.

“I improvised a lot. I can’t remember how much I ad-libbed throughout the show,” said Park. “Young-jae has to be attractive as he is one of the main characters in the latter parts, and I added something interesting,” said the actor.


Park then noted that his final portrayal of Bae reminds him of his father, who he described as “a common office worker that we can see easily”, explained Park, emphasising that the ordinariness of Young-jae was central to his character.

“I tried to imagine how this ordinary guy would respond to unknowable and incomprehensible things like natural disasters and deal with them,” he added.

In other Hellbound news, director Yeon Sang-ho discussed the meaning behind the series. “The most important message that I wanted to deliver through this work is asking questions on humanity and what it means to be a human,” Yeon shared.

“In the series, there are different types of humanistic characters… and through those characters, I wanted to bring up conversations for the audiences to discuss which of them genuinely portrays humanistic qualities, from their own perspective.”

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