‘Hospital Playlist’ season 2: release date, plot details, and everything we know so far

New music and tales from inside and outside the OR

There have been plenty of medical K-dramas, but none of them has managed to reach the same kind of popularity Hospital Playlist enjoys. Premiered in February 2020, the series became such a hit locally and internationally that it was renewed for a second season – an unexpected (though not wholly unusual) move in the K-drama world, which has mostly favoured a limited series format.

The show’s popularity can be partly attributed to its all-star cast led by Cho Jung-Seok (Oh My Ghost, Jealousy Incarnate). It’s also gained recognition for its refreshing take on medical dramas and the relatable stories of its likeable characters. But thirdly, and most importantly, it incorporates a musical element into its story.

Hospital Playlist season 1 introduced five doctors who have been friends since their medical school days, and how they navigate their jobs at the Yujie Medical Center. Aside from being doctors, the close companions (who refer to themselves as “’99-ers” because of the year they entered college) are also in a band called Mido and Falasol, formed through their shared love for music.


The second season of Hospital Playlist is expected to continue the show’s heartwarming tale of friendship, love and, of course, music. Read on for everything we know so far – be warned though, there are some plot spoilers ahead.

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  • tvN drops third minute-long teaser focusing on the side characters
  • tvN unveils second teaser for Hospital Playlist season 2

Hospital Playlist Season 2
Ahn Eun-jin and Kim Dae-myung. Credit: tvN/Netflix

Who is in the cast of Hospital Playlist season 2?

Good news: it has been confirmed that the main cast of Hospital Playlist season 1 – namely, Jo Jung-suk (who plays Lee Ik-jun), Yoo Yeon-seok (Ahn Jeong-won), Jung Kyung-ho (Kim Jun-wan), Kim Dae-myung (Yang Seok-hyeong) and Jeon Mi-do (Chae Song-hwa) – will be reprising their respective roles.

In January, they reunited for their first script reading for the new season. Alongside them were returning supporting cast members Kim Hae-sook, Jung Moon-sung, Shin Hyun-bin, Kwak Sun-young, Moon Tae-yoo, Ahn Eun-jin, Choi Young-joon and Ha Yoon-kyung.

Watch the behind-the-scenes clip of the reunion below:


What is the release date for Hospital Playlist season 2?

In April, tvN officially confirmed that Hospital Playlist season 2 will return on June 17, with new episodes released weekly at 9PM KST.

How many episodes will Hospital Playlist season 2 have?

It has not yet been confirmed how many episodes the series will have though going off season 1, the new instalment of Hospital Playlist is expected to have 12 episodes, with each one featuring an approximately 90-minute runtime.

What is the plot of Hospital Playlist season 2?

Based on the teasers, Hospital Playlist’s second season will focus more on the doctors’ ordinary lives and relationships rather than just their day jobs.

In the reunion video during their script reading session, director Shin Won-ho, who also helmed the first season, hinted that the show will feature a tender storyline: “The simple and everyday stories that we have told until now will be drawn out with even more warmth and depth.”

Season 2 of Hospital Playlist should also answer several questions from the first season’s cliffhanger ending, including the blossoming romance between Ik-jun and Song-hwa.

Hospital Playlist Season 2
Jeon Mi-do and Jo Jung-suk. Credit: tvN/Netflix

In the season 1 finale, Ik-jun professes his feelings for Song-hwa right before he leaves for a symposium in Spain, leaving her flustered by his sudden confession. He then tells her to take her time and let him know her response when he returns from his trip.

There’s also the possible love triangle between Seok-hyeon, his colleague Chu Min-Ha and his ex-wife Yoo Sin-hye. At the end of the final episode, Seok-hyeon declines to meet Min-Ha for dinner when he suddenly receives a surprising phone call from Sin-hye. The upcoming season is expected to further explore his relationship with both women.

Is there an official poster for Hospital Playlist season 2?

Yes. tvN has shared several posters, including a “moving poster” for the upcoming season.

The first poster was revealed on May 6 and it featured photographs of the five friends throughout the years. The caption in the poster reads, “A new season, our special day-to-day lives begin.”

The second was a moving poster shared on May 17. In the clip, the ’99-ers recreate an old photo from their past in a jamming studio.

tvN later dropped two more posters: The first featured the group decked out in their lab coats, while the second depicted the five huddled together as they seek shelter from the rain.

Is there a trailer for Hospital Playlist season 2?

tvN has shared several teaser trailers so far in the lead-up to its June 17 premiere.

On May 13, tvN released a dramatic 40-second teaser following the chaotic lives of the five doctors as they try to juggle their careers and personal relationships. However, as the clip notes, the new season of Hospital Playlist won’t just be another “medical blockbuster”, but will focus on “trivial and normal” stories.

“A bit deeper. A bit more heartwarming. We’ll be back,” the caption in the teaser read.

On May 27, tvN followed up with a second light-hearted teaser that centres on the doctors’ lives outside of their workplace.

On June 3, tvN shared yet another clip – but this time, it’s centred on the lives and careers of the side characters, hinting that the supporting cast will also get the limelight in the upcoming season.

On June 10, tvn shared a two-minute clip that looks at the hectic lives of the individual doctors. The teaser also hints at Ik-jun and Song-hwa’s romantic development. In a scene where they’re driving home together, Song-hwa tells Ik-jun that she’s finally ready to respond to his confession from season 1.

How can I watch Hospital Playlist season 2?

The new season of Hospital Playlist will premiere on the South Korean cable network tvN.

Fans residing outside Korea will also be able to watch the episodes on the day of broadcast on Netflix, which confirmed that it has picked up the distribution rights once again.

Last year, Netflix released the first season of Hospital Playlist on its streaming services, and it became one of the most-viewed K-dramas on the platform in South Korea.

Hospital Playlist Season 2
Yoo Yeon-seok. Credit: tvN/Netflix

Are there any celebrity cameos in Hospital Playlist season 2?

K-drama fans would have been delighted by all the celebrity cameos that appeared in Hospital Playlist season 1, from veterans Sung Dong Il and Kim Sung Kyun to Prison Playbook star Kim Sung Cheol. Meanwhile, actresses Go Ara and Ki Eun Se also appeared as two of Ik-jun’s many exes.

It has not yet been confirmed whether there will be any special guests in season 2, though it’s possible that there will be a handful, considering director Shin Won-ho has always enjoyed sneaking cameos from actors he’d previously worked with into his new productions.

Hospital Playlist Season 2
The main cast of Hospital Playlist. Credit: tvN/Netflix

Will there be any new music from Mido and Falasol in Hospital Playlist season 2?

Most likely. As the show is centred around the group’s band Mido and Falasol, it’s highly possible that the new season could also feature new covers and original music from the actors. Jeon Mi-do had earlier teased that there will be “many great songs” in the upcoming series.

Last year, it was revealed that the actors, who each have a background in theatre, had to learn how to play instruments for the show. In the first season, they covered Korean classics like Boohwal’s ‘Lonely Night’ and even put their own rock spin on Pachelbel’s ‘Canon’. Meanwhile, Jo Jung-suk’s solo cover of COOL’s ‘Aloha’ won the Best OST Award at the 2020 Melon Music Awards.

What has the cast and crew of Hospital Playlist said about the upcoming season?

During an interview with tvN at their table read, Yoo Yeon-seok said that the upcoming season will feature the “true chemistry” of the ’99-ers. “Please look forward to the deeper friendship between us,” he said.

Jung Kyung-ho also added that the latest instalment of Hospital Playlist will be “the love story of five of us included”.

Meanwhile, director Shin Won Ho has described season 2 in three keywords: relatability, emotions and rhythm. “For the new episodes in season 2, we’re working hard to not disrupt the foundational sentiment and atmosphere of Hospital Playlist that underlies the story,” he said, per Soompi, adding that the show will “maintain the warm emotions” “but it’ll portray the stories and relationships with even more depth”.