‘House Of The Dragon’ star on more central role of women after ‘Game Of Thrones’: “It wasn’t an accident”

"This is a story structured around two women"

House Of The Dragon star Emma D’Arcy has spoken about the more central role of women in the new Game Of Thrones spin-off.

The star, who is non-binary, plays the role of female Princess Rhaenyra Targaryen in the new prequel show, and spoke to NME about the series.

When asked about a quote from co-star Steve Toussaint where he spoke about being able to tell that House Of The Dragon has been made post-MeToo given the more central role of women, D’Arcy suggested it was not “any accident”.


“[Showrunners] Ryan [Condal] and Miguel [Sapochnik] spoke very clearly and determinedly to both of us, even in the midst of the audition process in saying that this is a story structured around two women,” they said.

Emma D'Arcy
Emma D’Arcy, as the older Rhaenerys. CREDIT: Sky/HBO

“And Miguel says a nice thing about that being a good enough reason to return to Westeros, which is a universe that requires such respect that he needed a good enough reason to brave the return journey.”

D’Arcy and fellow star Olivia Cooke also spoke about what will surprise people most about the series, the latter admitting how “intimate” it is.

“It’s such an intimate excavation of this one family,” Cooke said. “There’s a real closeness.”

House Of The Dragon
Olivia Cooke takes on the role of Lady Allicent when she is older. CREDIT: HBO/Sky


D’Arcy added: “Within that family environment, the show is quite brave and exacting in its investigation of how sort of structural the patriarchy is.

“There’s a fundamental groundwork within even a family unit. I think it’s a really bold investigation in how power inequality warps agency and affects agency.”

House Of The Dragon follows the Targaryen dynasty 200 years before the events of Game Of Thrones, and has received positive early reviews.