Former I.O.I singer Kang Mi-na to star in new horror K-drama series

'Midnight Horror: 6 Nights' will premiere on October 27 via Korean streaming platforms Seezn and GenieTV

Kang Mi-na (formerly of girl group I.O.I and Gugugan) has been cast in an upcoming horror K-drama, Midnight Horror: 6 Nights (literal translation), via Korean streaming service Seezn.

The singer-actress’ label, Jellyfish Entertainment, issued an official statement to Star News on October 18 to announce Kang’s casting as a lead actress in Convenience Store, one-sixth of the forthcoming omnibus-style series titled Midnight Horror: 6 Nights.

“Kang Mi-na will be playing the leading role of Soo-hyun in Convenience Store in Seezn’s original omnibus [series] Midnight Horror: 6 Nights. She will be displaying a new kind of charm that she hasn’t shown in [her other acting projects] up until now,” the company wrote, as translated by Soompi.


The omnibus-style of Midnight Horror: 6 Nights will mean the series will unfold with independent episodes that each focus on one of the six nights. According to Star News, each episode will be helmed by filmmakers who are “well-acquainted with the horror genre”.

Kang, who last starred in Café Minamdang alongside Seo In-guk) is set to join forces with director Lee Jung-haeng, known for films such as Behead The King in 2017 and Omok Girl in 2018, on the episode tentatively titled Convenience Store. Her character, named Soo-hyun, was described by Star News as a part-timer at a convenience store on the hunt for a full-time job. She will be joined by Kim Ho-young (Voice, Pegasus Market), who was cast in an undisclosed role.

Midnight Horror: 6 Nights is slated to premiere on Korean streaming platforms Seezn and GenieTV on October 27. Additional details regarding other episodes and their casts have yet to be unveiled by the series’ production team, but are expected to arrive in the coming days.

In other news, Netflix has announced a new thriller K-drama to be written by Train To Busan and Hellbound director Yeon Sang-ho, titled The Bequeathed. With director Min Hong-nam at the helm, The Bequeathed will also star actors Park Hee-soon, Kim Hyun-joo and more as its leads. Details regarding its premiere date have yet to be announced.