Jeon Do-yeon on the conclusion of ‘Lost’: “I couldn’t picture this series coming to an end”

"It feels like I have regrets every time I finish a project"

Lost lead actress Jeon Do-yeon has shared her thoughts on the conclusion of the Korean drama series.

Following the conclusion of its 16-episode run on October 24, Jeon Do-yeon, who played the main character of Boo Jung, discussed her feelings surrounding her performance on the show as well as its reception.

“It feels like I have regrets every time I finish a project. I couldn’t picture this series coming to an end, so I would always think to myself how hard it has been to live in this character,” she admitted in an interview to The Korea Timeshowever assured that she no longer saw her work in this perspective.


“I want to express my gratitude toward everyone who has been with me through this,” she said. “I will continue to do my best to become good at acting.”

Elsewhere in the interview, fellow Lost co-star Ryu Jun-yeol had also spoken about his affinity with his character, Kang Jae. “Under few circumstances, like his family issue, he goes through suffering which makes his life different from how I spent my 20s… so those differences drew me toward the character,” he shared.

“I didn’t want to glamorise his job or life. But I just studied my character with a focus on how I can portray him in a way that viewers can empathise with in his journey of finding himself and opening up to the world,” Ryu added.

The star also shared some insight on the overarching theme of Lost, noting that “the story was not fast-paced nor did it have a lot of things going on with the plot. But when you closely follow the story of the characters, Lost offers a chance to think about life and death and about what it means to be human.”

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