Jeon Do-yeon on upcoming series ‘Lost’: “I cried a lot when I first read the script”

The actress also shared how she relates to her character of Boo Jung

Actress Jeon Do-yeon has opened up about why she decided to join the cast of JTBC’s upcoming series Lost.

During a recent press conference for the series, which is set to premiere September 4, Jeon shared more about how she eventually took on the role of Boo Jung in the forthcoming drama and how she relates to the complicated character.

“I had decided that even if it took a long time to find a good project, I would avoid content that was too dark or heavy,” she said, per Soompi. “But when I read this script, I decided that I would take it on, even if it was dark, because it was about trying to find the light. I cried a lot when I first read the script.”


The actress also pointed out that she was frequently questioned on why she had decided to take on the role. “People around me [asked], ‘Can Jeon Do-yeon really pull off a story about someone who hasn’t been able to become anything in her life?’” she recalled, “But somehow I could really relate to Boo Jung’s feelings.”

“Boo Jung is someone who is tightly closed off, so I worried a lot about how she would open up through the course of the drama,” Jeon added. “I really worked hard in order to understand the character of Boo Jung.”

Jeon takes the lead role in Lost as Boo Jung, a woman in her 40s who believes she has not accomplished anything in life. The show will tell the story of ordinary people who have worked hard all their lives, only to realise that they have not “become anything”.

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