Jeon Ji-hyun on working with writer Kim Eun-hee on ‘Jirisan’: “It’s an honour”

It will be her second time working with the scriptwriter, after 'Kingdom: Ashin of The North'

South Korean actress Jeon Ji-hyun has shared her thoughts on working with renowned scriptwriter Kim Eun-hee on the upcoming Jirisan series.

Set to premiere later this week on October 16 via tvN, the story of Jirisan will follow chracters on Mount Jiri as Seo Yi-kang (played by Jeon), who is the national park’s top ranger, and rookie ranger Kang Hyun-jo (played by Joo Ji-hoon) uncover the truth behind a grisly accident that occurred at the top of the mountain.

The show was written by Kim Eun-hee, who was previously behind the popular Netflix series Kingdom and its follow-up Kingdom: Ashin Of The North, of which the latter also starred Jeon. Jirisan will also be Jeon’s first TV role since her performance in 2016’s Legend Of The Blue Sea.


During a recent press conference for the show’s release, Jeon Ji-hyun revealed that it didn’t take her long accept a role in Jirisan in order to work with Kim again. “I know there are few actresses who can be chosen by writer Kim Eun-hee for two shows in a row. It’s an honour,” Jeon said, per Yonhap News Agency. “I’d never imagined to act as a forest ranger, who are not often seen in person. I’m pleased to show their work to Korean viewers.”

Kim Eun-hee also spoke during the press conference about her decision to centre the story around Mount Jiri, which sits in the southern region of South Korea. “For me, Mount Jiri is not just a place for activities, but a place where people visit with some diverse feelings of life and death,” she said.

Meanwhile, Jin of BTS will be lending his voice to the theme song of Jirisan, with production studio AStory saying that viewers will be “able to hear it starting from midway through the drama”.