Jessica Jung stars in teaser for Season 3 of Chinese reality show ‘Sisters Who Make Waves’

The new season of the Chinese reality show lands tomorrow

Former Girls’ Generation singer Jessica Jung has been spotted in the latest teaser for the upcoming third season of Chinese reality show Sisters Who Make Waves. 

Chinese broadcast network Mango TV dropped a teaser for the series’ upcoming third season on May 18, in the form of a music video for the season’s theme song, featuring and introducing all 30 Sisters Who Make Waves 3 contestants.

Among the contestants, Jessica Jung can be spotted singing several verses from the new song, and later was included in a brief dance break during the bridge. Sisters Who Make Waves 3 will be premiering its first episode on May 20.


Aside from Jung, who is notably the only contestant from South Korea, other participants for the upcoming reality programme include past seasons’ winners Ning Jing and Na Ying.

More musicians spotted in the teaser include Twins’ Charlene Choi and Gillian Chung, I Am A Singer season four winner Coco Lee, Story Of Yanxi Palace actress Wu Jinyan, Taiwanese singer Cyndi Wang and Tiny Times star Amber Kuo, among others.

On May 19, Hunan TV unveiled individual video teasers for each contestant, with Jung’s teaser featuring the singer-entrepreneur aboard what looks to be a ship with a white mast. “I want to bloom with time,” she says in a voice-over, recorded in Mandarin.

Speculations of Jung’s appearance on Sisters Who Make Waves first arose in March, when several eagle-eyed fans noted that her recent posts on Chinese social media platform Weibo place her in Changsha, China, where previous iterations of Sisters Who Make Waves were known to have been filmed.


Sisters Who Make Waves is a Chinese reality series from Mango TV starring female celebrities over the age of 30, who compete for a chance to return to the stage and re-debut as part of a new girl group.

Past seasons of Sisters Who Make Waves notably starred former Miss A members Fei and Jia as contestants, the latter of whom was selected as a winning participant after ranking in third place. Other stars who appeared on the show also include Hong Kong actress Cecilia Cheung.