‘Jinxed At First’: Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun turns Na In-woo’s luck around in new teaser

KBS' new fantasy-romance series premieres next month

KBS has dropped a brand-new teaser for its forthcoming fantasy-romance K-drama series, Jinxed At First.

Jinxed At First follows a fish vendor named Gong Soo-kwang (Mystic Pop-Up Bar’s Na In-woo), seemingly saddled with perpetual bad luck. This is until he crosses paths with Lee Seul-bi (Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun), a curious woman with the ability to see the future of anybody she touches.

The K-drama’s new visual begins with Soo-kwang and Seul-bi spending time together at an amusement park, where someone asks Seul-bi how the pair had first met. “It was like destiny,” she says. However, the caption superimposed on the clip seems to tell a different story: “To someone, it’s a fateful meeting. To someone else, it’s the beginning of misery.”


The teaser then goes on to include snippets of Soo-kwang’s chronic bad luck, where he’s had to endure relentless nightmares and rainy days where his umbrella would get swept up by the wind.

This changes when he makes the fateful decision to save Seul-bi from a group of thugs, after which they hold hands for the first time, igniting her ability to glimpse into his future. “From now on, you’ll be a lucky man. I’m going to make it happen,” she tells him.

Jinxed At First is set to premiere on June 15, with episodes premiering every Wednesday and Thursday on KBS thereafter. The series is helmed by director Yoon Sang-ho, who previously took charge of River Where The Moon Rises in 2021 and King Maker: The Change Of Destiny the year before that.

In other news, tvN recently dropped a new teaser for its new fantasy-romance series entitled Linkstarring Hotel Del Luna’s Yeo Jin-goo and True Beauty’s Moon Ga-young as its leads. Helmed by When The Camellia Blooms director No Sang-hoon, the new series will premiere via tvN on June 6.