John Bradley says ‘Game Of Thrones’ fans “lost their minds” at finale

The actor played Samwell Tarly in all eight seasons of the HBO drama

John Bradley has said that he felt Game Of Thrones fans “lost their minds” over the show’s finale.

The actor, who is currently starring in the sci-fi movie Moonfall, played Samwell Tarly in all eight seasons of the HBO fantasy drama.

Fans had waited seven seasons for the climactic showdown between dragon queen Daenerys Targaryen and the ruling Lannister clan.


The fans were left extremely disappointed to the point where they started a petition to remake the final season, which racked up 1.8million signatures.

John Bradley
As Samwell Tarly in the HBO fantasy epic. CREDIT: Alamy

Speaking to NME in a new interview, Bradley said: “We were never going to please everybody. People had invested too much.”

He also took umbrage with people who said the cast and crew “knew it was going to be rubbish”.

Bradley added: “We genuinely wanted it to be great. We genuinely thought it was going to be great. We were really proud of it. We weren’t arrogant enough to think: ‘Oh we’ll just put it out there and they’ll swallow it’. We only ever wanted people to like it… I was really disappointed.”

He continued: “The fan reaction was so fierce and vociferous, when people think of Game Of Thrones, they have a sense of disappointment because they didn’t like the finale. I’d like it to be seen as a complete body of work… Those great moments are not going to be forgotten and they shouldn’t be dimmed or taken away from because the ending wasn’t to your liking.”


Meanwhile, Game Of Thrones’ showrunners previously cleared up the mystery of whether Drogon ate Daenerys Targaryen after her death in the show’s final season.

Fans questioned whether her beloved dragon was about to eat her body, after he flew off with it towards the sea.

Speaking in a making-of documentary that featured on season eight’s DVD, David Benioff confirmed that Drogon didn’t eat her body.

When Emilia Clarke shared her concerns over the theory, Benioff told her: “Drogon’s not going to eat you. He’s not a cat. Did you see how gently he was nudging you?”

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