Jung Hae-in, Ko Kyung-po and more to star in upcoming Disney+ K-drama ‘Connect’

Also starring 'Inspector Koo''s Kim Hye-jun

Disney+ has announced an all-star cast for its upcoming Korean original series, Connect, inclusive of Jung Hae-in, Ko Kyung-po and more.

The new crime-thriller series, which was announced on September 7, is set to follow a man who is suddenly kidnapped by a gang of organ harvesters. He awakens following the procedure to find one of his eyes missing, however discovers that he is still able to see out of his missing eye, which is now being used by an infamous serial killer.

Connect will star Jung Hae-in (Snowdrop, Start-Up) as the show’s main character Ha Dong-soo, a man with the secret ability to immediately heal from any injury, no matter how life-threatening. Ko Kyung-po (Decision To Leave, Seoul Vibe) has been cast opposite Jung as the show’s main antagonist Oh Jin-seop, a serial killer terrorising the people of Seoul. Meanwhile, Kim Hye-jun (Inspector Koo, Kingdom) will star as the mysterious female lead Irang.


The upcoming Disney+ K-drama series will be helmed by acclaimed Japanese filmmaker Miike Takashi, previously known for his work on 13 Assassins, Ichi The Killer and Gozu, among others. Nakamura Masaru and Heo Dam (Monstrum) are part of this project as its screenwriters. While a definitive premiere date and teasers for Connect have yet to be unveiled, they are expected to drop sometime “soon”, according to Disney+.

In other K-drama news, tVN recently responded to allegations of plagiarism for the poster of its latest drama Little Womanafter viewers accused the cable network of plagiarising a design from a 2016 poster by Japanese cosmetics brand Shiseido in its own promotional poster for the new series starring Kim Go-eun, Nam Ji-hyun and Park Ji-hu.

“The concept of the poster was the three sisters walking toward the light with their shadows behind them. We relayed this to the company in charge of designing posters that then went over a series of samples before picking one.” said tvN per E-Daily. “In the future, we [will] be more thorough in our prior research and pay closer attention to small details.”

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