Jung Hae-in says season two of ‘D.P.’ is already in the works

“They’ve started to put the wheels in motion”

D.P. star Jung Hae-in has revealed that a second season of the Netflix original series is already in the works.

During a recent interview with News1, the South Korean actor spoke about the instant success of the military-themed K-drama on the streaming platform and his wishes for a potential second season of the show.

“I felt a buzzing in my head while watching D.P. on the day it came out,” he said, as translated by Soompi. “Since there was so much interest and praise for the drama, I’m looking forward to a second season myself.”


Jung later added that the team behind the series have allegedly “put the wheels in motion” on an additional season of the series. “I’ve heard that the director and writer are already working on the script,” he said, adding that he would like to “show my character’s growth” in future seasons.

Elsewhere during the interview, Jung also talked about the global success of D.P.. According to News1, the series ranked at Number One in Netflix Korea and has also been popular in countries like Thailand and Vietnam, among others. “It didn’t feel real to see D.P. at Number One,” he shared. “I’d never received so many congratulatory messages from my seniors and acquaintances before.”

Jung later noted that the success of the series can be attributed to “the strength of the story”, noting that its military setting is a “small microcosm of society”. He added: “Even though it can be uncomfortable to face the truth, I think there’s strength in that.”

In other news, fellow D.P. cast member Son Seok-koo recently denied bullying allegations made against him by an anonymous netizen, who accused the actor of carrying out school violence when he during their time as students. His agency SB Entertainment is also set to take legal action against the poster.

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