Kim Nam-gil searches for a killer in new ‘Through The Darkness’ trailer

The upcoming crime procedural is based on the real-life experiences of South Korea’s first criminal profiler

South Korean television network SBS has unveiled a thrilling new preview of its upcoming crime K-drama Through The Darkness.

Starring Kim Nam-gil (The Closet) as criminal profiler Song Ha-young, the upcoming crime procedural follows the members of the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency’s Criminal Behaviour Analysis team as they investigate a series of murders. The series also stars Jin Sun-kyu (Kingdom) and Kim So-jin (The Drug King) as fellow detectives.

Set in the late-’90s, Through The Darkness is loosely based on events recounted in the non-fiction novel Those Who Read The Hearts of Evil, which was co-written by South Korea’s first-ever criminal profiler Kwon Il-yong and former journalist Ko Na-mu.


The new trailer begins with a soundbite from a news report mentioning a suspect wearing a red hat as a woman makes her way home in the pouring rain. Upon returning home, a figure in a red cap attacks her from behind, and she emits a terrified scream.

Later, Ha-young is seen arguing with a fellow detective after requesting for a case to be reopened, believing that the real suspect had not been arrested. “If you can’t catch him, there will be trouble,” says the inmate who was presumably imprisoned for the crime.

Snippets of investigative scenes are shown as Ha-young goes on to explain his job as a criminal profiler. “Profilers aren’t cop-like psychologists,” he says. “Profilers are psychologist-like cops.”

Through The Darkness is helmed by director Park Bo-ram and screenwriter Seol Yi-na. The series is set to premiere on January 14 at 10pm KST on SBS, and will also be available to stream on Viki. The show will take over the time slot previously occupied by Song Ji-hyo and Jang Ki-yong’s romance drama Now, We Are Breaking Up.

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