Kim Sae-ron apologises for DUI accident in a new handwritten letter

"I feel so ashamed and disappointed in myself"

South Korean actress Kim Sae-ron has shared a handwritten apology on social media following her recent DUI (driving under the influence) charge.

Kim had been booked under charges of a drunk driving incident that happened the morning of May 18. The actress is currently being investigated for allegedly driving under the influence (DUI), with footage of the incident having later been made public, as reported by YTN.

Since then, Kim has released a handwritten letter, describing her actions as a “big mistake [while] in a drunken state”, as translated by Soompi. She also addressed and recounted the incident from her personal perspective, as well as offering her apologies to the parties affected.


“Because of my wrong judgement and behaviour, I’ve caused an inconvenience to so many people, including merchants in nearby shops, citizens, and those who work to restore [the damage],” she wrote in her note.

“Although I needed to act more prudently and with more responsibility, I wasn’t able to do so. I sincerely apologise,” she added. “I am currently working with my agency to fix the damages caused by the accident and I will do my best to actively communicate and resolve this until the end.”

“Additionally, I am so sorry to the producers, my fellow actors, and the staff members for hindering the production of the project that is currently filming, as well as the one in preparation,” she added.

Since the accident, she has notably left the cast of upcoming SBS K-drama Trolley yesterday. Netflix’s Hunting Dogs – another project Kim is slated to star in – had also announced that it would adjust its filming schedule in accordance, following Kim’s controversy.

“I have no excuses for this unfortunate incident and I feel so ashamed and disappointed in myself for the mistake I made. I will deeply reflect and reflect again to ensure that something like this never happens again. I’m sorry,” the actress concluded.


Apart from Kim’s personal apology, the actress’ representatives at entertainment company Goldmedalist had also issued a separate statement yesterday apologising for the DUI incident on her behalf, stating that Kim had been “deeply reflecting on her wrongdoing”.