Kim Sae-ron leaves cast of upcoming K-drama ‘Trolley’ after drunk driving incident

Meanwhile, the actress has issued an apology for the incident through her agency

South Korean actress Kim Sae-ron has left the cast of the upcoming K-drama Trolley, following her recent drunk driving incident.

Yesterday (May 18), Kim had been booked under charges of a drunk driving incident that happened the same morning. The actress is currently being investigated for allegedly driving under the influence (DUI) with footage of the incident was also later made public, as reported by YTN.

Following the news of the incident, the production team behind Trolley released a statement to South Korean media outlet Edaily today (May 19), announcing that the actress had officially left the cast of the in-production K-drama series.


“Kim Sae-ron’s agency has sent us their intention to have her drop out of the K-drama alongside their apology,” the statement read, as translated by KoreabooTrolley is expected to air later this year on South Korean network SBS, and will star Kim Hyun-joo (Hellbound, Undercover), Park Hee-soon (My Name, Dr. Brain) and more.

Additionally, the production crew for Netflix’s forthcoming series Hunting Dogs – another project Kim is set to star in – has stated that its filming schedule will be adjusted and “announced as soon as it is arranged after a thorough discussion”, per SBS News

Kim’s agency, the privately-held entertainment company Goldmedalist, has also issued an official apology regarding the actress’ incident. In a statement to TV Report today, the agency said that the actress is “deeply reflecting on her wrongdoing”, as translated by Soompi.

“Kim Sae-ron sincerely conveys her apology to the many people who were harmed and inconvenienced through this as well as all the people who are working hard to repair the damaged public structures,” it added. “She has promised to do her best to restore the damage.”

“The agency also feels deeply responsible that an incident such as this has occurred. We apologise once more to everyone who experienced discomfort from this situation. We will do our best going forward to actively resolve this while communicating.”