Watch ‘SKY Castle’’s Kim Seo-hyung in new trailer for ‘Paper Moon’

The upcoming K-drama is based on the Japanese novel of the same name

Genie TV has unveiled the first trailer for its upcoming drama adaptation of the Japanese novel Paper Moon.

On March 13, the South Korean cable network revealed a new trailer for its upcoming suspense-thriller drama Paper Moon, starring SKY Castle star Kim Seo-hyung. Set to premiere sometime in April, the new series is an adaptation of the 2012 Japanese novel of the same name by Mitsuyo Kakuta.

The new trailer features Kim as the series’ protagonist, Yoo Yi-hwa, as she has several encounters with a mysterious young man. “If god were to grant you a wish, what would you wish for?”, she asks him, to which he answers: “For us never to meet again.” Later, Yi-hwa is seen embezzling cheques from her clients at a bank, and appears to slowly lose herself.


Paper Moon follows Yi-hwa, an ordinary housewife whose husband appears indifferent towards her. Despite living a comfortable life, Yi-hwa lands herself a job as an employee at a bank out of boredom and slowly regains her confidence. However, she also begins to embezzle funds from her VIP clients.

Also set to star in Paper Moon are Yoo Sun (Eve), Lee Chun-hee (Law School), former SISTAR member Yoon Bora and Lee Si-woo (Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol). The series is directed by Yoo Jeong-seon and Jung Won-Hee.

Paper Moon will premiere on Genie TV and ENA, and will also be available to stream on TVING.

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