Kim Seon-ho’s alleged ex-girlfriend responds to the actor’s apology

“There was a time when we truly loved each other”

The alleged ex-girlfriend of Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha actor Kim Seon-ho has responded to the actor’s apology.

Yesterday (October 20), Kim issued a public apology over a growing controversy that he allegedly mistreated his former girlfriend. His statement was released following an online post on the website Nate Pann by an anonymous user who claimed that the actor had coerced her into getting an abortion “on the false promise of marriage”.

The actor apologised for “hurt[ing]” his ex-girlfriend, while not directly commenting on the allegations. “Though we were in a relationship with good feelings [for] each other, I have hurt her with my carelessness and inconsiderate actions,” Kim wrote, per The Korea Herald. “I would like to say sorry with this writing.”


Kim’s alleged ex-girlfriend has since responded to his statement, saying that she has received an apology from him, while noting that there has been an “misunderstanding between us”, per Yonhap News Agency. She did not elaborate on said “misunderstanding”.

“I’m sorry that my writing seems to have caused unintentional damage to many people,” she added. “There was a time when we truly loved each other, and I don’t feel good watching him collapse in a single moment due to my extreme writing.”

Following the scandal, it has been reported that Kim will no longer be part of the main cast of the popular South Korean reality show, 2 Days And 1 Night. KBS and the show’s production team also noted that the actor will also be edited out of the series’ upcoming episodes that have already been filmed.

In addition, Kim has also been cut from two upcoming films which he was set to star in: 2 O’Clock Date and Dogs Days. Meanwhile, the production crew of a third film, Sad Tropics, said they are still “discussing the matter”.