Kylie Minogue and Jason Donovan to return to ‘Neighbours’ for finale

"It has been an emotional experience for them, for us, and I’m sure it will be for our viewers"

It’s been confirmed that “ultimate Neighbours couple” Kylie Minogue and Jason Donovan will be returning to Ramsay Street for the finale of the long-running soap.

In February, the Australian show’s UK broadcaster Channel 5 announced that it will no longer air the series beyond the summer, leading to the cancellation of the show.

A statement on the show’s official Twitter read: “We are so sorry to say that after nearly 37 years and almost 9,000 episodes broadcast we have to confirm that Neighbours will cease production in June. From here on, we are celebrating Neighbours.”


Speaking about the show, Minogue said: “I’ll be forever grateful for the experience & the friends I made on Neighbours. We had no idea how big the show would become and how passionately viewers would take it to heart. Pure love.”

It’s now been confirmed that she, alongside Jason Donovan, will be returning to the show with the pair sharing images of a script.

Minogue played Charlene Mitchell, with Donovan playing Scott Robinson. Both characters were introduced to the show in 1986 with Minogue leaving in 1988 to focus on her music career. Donovan departed the following year.

In that time though, they became firm fan favourites. Their wedding episode was watched by more than 2 million Australian viewers when it first aired in 1987, and later pulled in an audience of almost 20 million when it was shown in the UK in 1988, becoming one of the most-watched TV moments of the decade.


It’s been reported that both Donovan and Minogue had previously been invited to appear in various anniversary celebrations but had never been able to make it work.

Talking about their return Jason Herbison, executive producer of the Australian soap, said the pair were “the ultimate Neighbours couple and it would not feel right to end the show without them”.

“We are thrilled that Jason and Kylie have come home to play a very special part in our series finale. It has been an emotional experience for them, for us, and I’m sure it will be for our viewers.”

Speaking about the cancellation, Donovan said: “I think it’s time to celebrate Neighbours. It has kept my family employed for a long time, to be honest. My daughter is currently in it, my dad was in it. I think we should be grateful for what it’s given Australia, it’s given actors, producers, writers, directors.”

Filming on Neighbours is expected to wrap on June 10, with the final episodes set to air in August.

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