Lee Dong-wook to star in new Disney+ original K-drama ‘A Shop For Killers’

The series will also star Kim Hye-jun, and is set to premiere next year

Lee Dong-wook is set to star in the upcoming Disney+ original K-drama series, A Shop For Killers.

A Shop For Killers will also star Kim Hye-jun (Netflix’s Kingdom), as college student Jian, who suddenly receives a call from the police informing about the death of her uncle Jeong Jin-man (Lee), who has taken care of Jian since her parents passed away.

Soon after, her life is unexpectedly turned upside down as highly skilled assassins inexplicably turn their focus to killing her, forcing her to go on the run. Trapped in her uncle’s home, Jian is forced to revisit her formative years while trying to discover what is going on.


A Shop For Killers is based on the popular original novel by Kang Ji-young. The show will be written by Ji Ho-jin and Lee Kwon, and directed by Lee Kwon of Door Lock and Attack on the Pin-Up Boys fame.

A Shop For Killers is set to premiere in 2024, exclusively on Disney+. It’s the streaming platform’s latest foray into K-dramas, following the hit shows Big Bet and Big Mouth.

Meanwhile, Lee is set to star in Tale of the Nine Tailed 1938, the second season of the popular 2020 series Tale of the Nine Tailed. The new season of the K-drama premieres May 6 on TVING and Prime Video in selected regions.

In other K-drama news, Netflix has released the official teaser for its upcoming sci-fi K-drama series Black Knight. The series is an adaptation of the popular 2017 to 2019 webtoon Delivery Knight, and stars Our Blues actor Kim Woo-bin.

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