Lee Ha-na, Im Joo-hwan to star in new K-drama ‘Three Siblings Bravely’

The new KBS series is currently slated to air sometime in the second half of this year

South Korean actors Lee Ha-na and Im Joo-hwan have been cast in an upcoming K-drama series to air on KBS.

Korean news outlet TV Report described Three Siblings Bravely (literal translation) as a “lively family drama” revolving around three siblings, specifically following the romance of eldest son Lee Sang-joon, who had the most access to opportunities while growing up. The story begins to unfold when he falls in love with Kim Tae-joo, who is also the oldest of her own siblings, but instead had to grow up sacrificing everything for her family.

Lee Ha-na will star as Tae-joo, the eldest child of the Kim family with a big heart, while Im Joo-hwan is set to play the role of Sang-joon, considered a top star among his siblings with utmost intelligence. Growing up to be an actor, Sang-joon ends up crossing paths with Tae-joo as an adult after he gets hospitalised following an accident while filming. Tae-joo is said to be his first love from elementary school.


Lee is best known for her roles in the Voice series of dramas, along with her stint as one of the leads in A Piece Of Your Mind in 2020. On the other hand, Im previously starred in 2020’s MBC series The Spies Who Loved Me as Derek Hyun, as well as in The Game: Towards Zero that same year.

According to South Korean cable network KBS, the new series is currently slated to begin airing sometime in the second half of this year.

Three Siblings Bravely is set to be penned by screenwriter Kim In-young, best known for her work on other romance K-dramas including Black Knight: The Man Who Guards Me, Unkind Ladies and more. Meanwhile, the series will be taken charge of by director Park Man-young, marking their first television series since 2017’s Manhole.