Lee Kwang-soo talks about his curious new role in ‘The Killer’s Shopping List’

The upcoming mystery-comedy drama also stars AOA’s Seolhyun

South Korean entertainer and actor Lee Kwang-soo has opened up about his role in the new upcoming mystery-comedy K-drama The Killer’s Shopping List.

At an online press conference for the series, the 36-year-old actor spoke about his upcoming role as Dae-sung, the son of a supermarket owner in a small town where a mysterious murder case takes place.

Lee had described Dae-sung as an inquisitive man with “boy-next-door” looks, which had drawn him to the role. “The script was very interesting and exciting, and the character was really new to me,” he said, per The Korea Times. “I thought if I miss this chance, I might not get another chance to play a character this attractive forever.”


In The Killer’s Shopping List, Dae-sung quickly becomes involved in the town’s murder case of his own volition, after finding a supermarket receipt presumably left behind by the murderer, and attempts to use his good memory to catch the killer.

“Dae-sung is interested in everything and every person around him. He likes them. In that aspect, I and Dae-sung are very alike,” continued the actor. “But I tried to be a more friendly and familiar man that you can meet at your neighbourhood.”

Starring alongside Lee is AOA member Seolhyun, who plays Dae-sung’s girlfriend Ah-hee, who is also a passionate young policewoman. The idol and actress shared that her “long-time friendship” with Lee had helped create the pair’s on-screen chemistry in the upcoming series.

The Killer’s Shopping List premieres on Wednesday (April 27) on tvN, and will air for a total of eight episodes. The series, helmed by mystery-crime director Lee Eon-hee is based on the novel ‘The Killer’s Shopping Mall’ by Kang Ji-young.