Lionsgate Play streaming service launches in the Philippines

Films and TV series featuring Julia Roberts, Sean Penn, Bruce Willis and more headline the service’s flagship offerings

The streaming service Lionsgate Play has launched in the Philippines.

The streamer currently includes more than 16,000 titles. Flagship offerings currently include the political drama series Gaslit, which stars Julia Roberts and Sean Penn, alongside the Bruce Willis-starring sci-fi thriller Apex.

The service is now available in the Philippines due to a partnership between Lionsgate Play and telecommunications company brand PLDT Home. Lionsgate Play will be available free of charge to all existing and new subscribers of PLDT Home Fiber Plans 1699 and up until June 2023.


“Once upon a time, we would all go out on a Friday night, Saturday or even Sunday. The pandemic changed all that. All of a sudden, a lot of entertainment would be happening within the home… So it’s very important that we continue to expand and give more choices available to our PLDT Home customers,” said PLDT Home senior vice president Jeremiah de la Cruz at a press conference about the collaboration.

De La Cruz also expressed interest in expanding the service’s presence in the country, referring to the partnership as an important “long-term” deal. “We are working closely with Lionsgate Play to bring not just the titles, but the talents to the Philippines,” de la Cruz said.

According to Variety, Lionsgate plans to expand Play to 13 to 15 countries by the end of 2022. The streaming service first launched in 2019 in India, before expanding to countries including Sri Lanka, Indonesia, and Malaysia last year. The California-based studio’s portfolio includes blockbuster franchises such as John Wick, Twilight, and Saw.