‘Little Women’ producers respond to allegations of plagiarism regarding its poster

“In the future, we [will] be more thorough in our prior research and pay closer attention to small details,” it said

tvN has responded to allegations of plagiarism for the poster of its latest drama series Little Women.

On September 6, the South Korean television network issued an official statement after being accused of plagiarising a design from a 2016 poster by Japanese cosmetics brand Shiseido in its own promotional poster for Little Women.

little women shiseido
L-R: tvN’s poster for ‘Little Women’, Shiseido’s poster for a 2016 exhibition. Credits: tvN/Shiseido


“The concept of the poster was the three sisters walking toward the light with their shadows behind them. We relayed this to the company in charge of designing posters that then went over a series of samples before picking one.” said tvN per E-Daily, neither admitting to nor denying the allegations of plagiarism.

However, the network appears to have acknowledged the resemblance between the two posters, adding: “In the future, we [will] be more thorough in our prior research and pay closer attention to small details.”

Little Women, which stars actresses Kim Go-eun (Yumi’s Cells), Nam Ji-hyun (100 Days My Prince) and Park Ji-hu (All Of Us Are Dead), along with Squid Game’s Wi Ha-joon, aired its first two episodes over the weekend on tvN. The series is also available to stream on Netflix in selected regions.

The series follows three sisters as they struggle to escape poverty, later becoming entangled with the nation’s wealthiest family after chancing upon a large some of money. It is helmed by famed TV director Kim Hee-won, who last worked on 2021’s blockbuster revenge-thriller Vincenzo.

Watch the official trailer for Little Women here.

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