Liza Soberano: “I completely understand” ‘Trese’ voice acting criticism

“[Fans] only want the best for it”, she acknowledged

Liza Soberano, the Filipino voice actor for the titular role on Netflix’s Trese series, has responded to criticism of her “monotonous” voice acting.

Upon Trese‘s premiere on Netflix on June 11, some viewers criticised Soberano’s voice acting in the Filipino dub of the show as “monotonous” and lacking emotion. Amid this criticism, Trese director Jay Oliva took to social media to praise her “unique” performance.

During a July 9 episode of the Between Us Queens podcast, Soberano responded to the criticism and shared more about how she came to the Trese role and how she recorded her lines.


Soberano revealed that, as someone new to voice acting, she was hesitant to take up the role when it was first offered to her. But after reading the comics, Soberano accepted the role, even as she knew that “there would be a lot of backlash”.

She went on to explain: “Just like any universe like Harry Potter or maybe Marvel or the DC universe, their supporters are very protective of those universes and those characters. They only want the best for it.”

“I can understand if there are people that have opinions about my voice acting, or about me even getting cast as Alexandra Trese. I completely understand that,” she added.

Soberano revealed that she had two days to record her lines, working for six hours each day – a process she enjoyed. “I kind of had separation anxiety after doing it,” she said. I felt like ‘This is it? This is all I had to do?’ I wanted to do more.”

Soberano then said that voice acting has becoming a new passion for her, and that it is “something that I want to continue on doing. I actually want to take lessons for it so that I can apply it in acting”.


Besides series director Jay Oliva, Filipina voiceover artist Inka Magnaye also chimed in on social media to defend Soberano. “She has dynamics in her delivery,” she wrote. “However, she DOES tend to deliver her lines in almost the exact same cadence, and people confuse that with monotony.”

Trese debuted on Netflix on June 11 and received a four-star review from NME’s Karl R. De Mesa, who called the show “the best and coolest animated series on Filipino folklore bar none”.