‘Lucifer’ final season trailer teases the arrival of the apocalypse on Netflix

"All bad things must come to an end"

The official trailer for the final season of Lucifer on Netflix is here – you can check it out below.

The hit drama series will be returning to the streaming platform next month for its sixth and final outing, in which we follow Lucifer after he was chosen to take over his father’s throne in Heaven.

Tom Ellis will reprise his role as Lucifer in the final season, as the character grapples with his newfound responsibility and the Earth suffers the consequences.


Check out the new trailer here:

Earlier this year, producer Joe Henderson said the show’s sixth season will be “wildly different” to season 5B. He also revealed that a brand new character is due to enter the show.

Speaking in a recent interview with TV LineHenderson addressed concerns about the season six being rushed together after a late renewal confirmation meant rewriters were needed for the season five ending.

“It is very much our goodbye season, but as we started to dig into season six, we found a new story we wouldn’t have told before. I don’t want people to think that season six is almost like an elongated Act VI, because it’s not. It’s its own season. It’s got its own engine,” he said.

“There is a story that we didn’t know we would have to tell until we got to the point we got to, and once we got there and looked around, we realised that there was an entire engine for an entire season worth of storytelling that we’re excited about. But it is very much a season of saying goodbye to the show we love.”


In a review of the second half of season five of Lucifer, NME write: “In a golden age of television, this is a dark brown programme; one of the worst things on TV; a self-indulgent waste of money. And there’s one more season still to come!”

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