‘Lucifer’ season five part two delayed due to coronavirus

"The pandemic blew up our plans"

The second half of Lucifer season five has been delayed due to the coronavirus, and the show’s writers have no idea when it will be released.

The series, which last summer became the most-watched streaming show in the US, is set to return for the remainder of season five, before wrapping up with a sixth and final season. However, the show’s creators aren’t sure when it will return.

Last month, showrunner Ildy Modrovich told a fan on Twitter that she was unsure when Lucifer would be back, adding “we’ll tell you as soon as we know and are given the green light to share”.


The show’s writers have now shared an update, revealing that the second half of the current season hasn’t been finished yet.

“We know everyone wants to know, but truth is even WE don’t know when #LuciferSeason5B will come out,” the official account for the show’s writers room tweeted. “It’s not finished yet. The pandemic blew up our plans. But when we have an official release date, trust us, we’re dying to let you know! Same with a trailer.”

As things were left in the midseason finale, Lucifer and Amenadiel faced-off against Maze and Michael while time was frozen. However, God eventually showed up and said he did not like seeing his children fight.

Following sixth season’s unexpected commission, Dan Espinoza actor Kevin Alejandro revealed earlier this year that some plot points had to be rewritten in the season five finale as a result.

“All of us went into it, and continued throughout the journey, up until the episode before the last one, thinking this was our series finale. That this [season five] was the show finale,” he told Metro.


“You can tell, I think… through the scripts and through the episodes that they didn’t hold anything back, they were just pushing forward. Everyone was under that impression, until Netflix changed their minds,” Alejandro continued. “So it sort of threw us all for a loop!”

He added: “Obviously we’re all super, super excited, just surprised. As a result, the team have had to make some tweaks to the season five finale, in order for us to get the ultimate season five possible.”