Maisie Williams says she’s struggling with rejection after ‘Game Of Thrones’ fame

"It is almost harder because I had never been told no"

Game of Thrones star Maisie Williams says she is struggling to come to terms with rejection in the aftermath of the show.

The actress, now starring in Two Weeks To Live, explained how her role in Game of Thrones, which she played for 10 years, hadn’t prepared her to deal with being turned down for other jobs.

In an interview with The Telegraph, Williams said, “It is almost harder because I had never been told no. The second thing that I ever auditioned for was Game of Thrones, and that launched my career. There’s always competition, it doesn’t matter how much you’ve done, you will always lose out on roles.


She continued: “The industry is built upon rejection. I’m definitely learning that now – how to overcome the rejection and not see it as a personal thing. But learning to be told no is really difficult as someone who’s an established actor.

“No one’s got time for you when you’re like, ‘Oh I didn’t get the part in this thing.’ They’re like, ‘You just came off the most successful TV show of the decade, can you hang on a minute?'”

On the next stage of her career, Maisie Williams said she has a clearer idea of what to expect. “I do have a bit of a plan for the first time. Through my whole career I haven’t set any goals, and it’s been fine, but recently I’ve been like, ‘OK, let’s try and manipulate this situation we’re in and nail down some things I want to do.'”

“It’s been really helpful, even from a mental health perspective, feeling like there’s some sort of direction. I’m not just floating through the world and waiting to see. Now I’ve got an idea.”

Maisie Williams currently stars in Two Weeks to Live, which NME gave five stars.