‘Man Like Mobeen’ creator Guz Khan says season 4 could explore COVID in prison

Season 3 is currently available to stream on iPlayer

Man Like Mobeen creator-star Guz Khan has opened up about a potential fourth season of the sitcom.

In a recent interview with NME, Khan said he would “love to go again” for another season and explained how new episodes could touch upon the experience of COVID-19 in prison.

“I’d love to go again,” Khan said of the future of the show. “The main thing is nobody knows what’s going on with scheduling and filming at the moment, so even if we go ahead with series four of Man Like Mobeen, and I’ve got some exciting ideas – I definitely feel that part of the story would have to be told in Pakistan this time – but the problem is, the backlog of scheduling goes back to 2022, so I’ve got to make a real choice based on timelines and people’s interest. If we can’t make the show within a good framework, I might have to leave it where it is.”


Describing a potential plot development for the new episodes, Khan said Man Like Mobeen could look at the impact of coronavirus in jail based on the way season 3 left two key characters.

“Mobeen and Nate are currently in prison,” Khan began, “so if we go for series four – which is hopefully on the cards – we’re going to have to explore what COVID was like for those two in prison.”

Season 3 of Man Like Mobeen is available to stream on BBC iPlayer now.