Metallica’s James Hetfield dressed as ‘Stranger Things’ character for Halloween

"Eddie Munson says Happy Halloween!"

Metallica‘s James Hetfield dressed up as Stranger Things character Eddie Munson for Halloween.

The character, who was portrayed by Joseph Quinn, became an instant fan favourite following his introduction in season four of the Netflix series, and Hetfield was one of the many individuals to sport his look on October 31.

The frontman revealed his costume via Metallica’s official Instagram page, along with the accompanying caption: “Eddie Munson says Happy Halloween!”


In the image, Hetfield is seen throwing up the devil horns while sporting Eddie’s iconic mullet wig, along with a leather jacket and denim battle vest.

After season four of Stranger Things dropped on Netflix, Metallica received a Kate Bush-style popularity boost. Thanks to a dramatic scene in which Eddie plays a rendition of ‘Master Of Puppets’, the song made the top 40 in both the US and the UK for the first time ever.

Back in July, the band met and jammed with Quinn at a rehearsal for their headlining gig at the Lollapalooza music festival in Chicago.

The moment was captured by Netflix in an Instagram video, wherein Metallica and Quinn spoke of their mutual respect for each other.

Touching on the inclusion of ‘Master Of Puppets’ in the Stranger Things 4 finale, the actor noted: “It’s all I was listening to for, I don’t know, two years. Yeah, I feel very connected to you guys.”


While their initial meeting took place in a casual lounge area, Metallica bassist Robert Trujillo quickly floated a suggestion by Quinn: “You want to go jam?” Quinn joked that he was “a bit rusty”, but seemed to immediately fall into place when the band started jamming ‘Master Of Puppets’.

After playing through the song on one of Hetfield’s personal guitars, lead guitarist Kirk Hammett quipped to Quinn: “You’re hired,” before drummer Lars Ulrich addressed the camera to share that “Metallica is now a five-piece”.

The band then gifted Quinn with a custom ESP guitar, which they personally signed for him before their Lollapalooza performance.