Watch the first trailer for K-drama ‘Miracle’, starring SF9’s Chani and Hwiyoung

Kang Min-ah from 'Beyond Evil' will also star

Streaming platform Viu has shared the first trailer for its upcoming original K-drama series, Miracle.

Starring SF9’s Chani and Hwiyoung, who will play world famous artist Louis and K-pop idol Siwoo respectively, Miracle is set to revolve around the struggles of young people in the entertainment industry, and their journey to achieving their dreams. Joining the idol-actors are actress Kang Min-ah (Beyond Evil) also stars as Lee Soo-rin, a content creator for an up-and-coming idol.

In the new trailer, Soo-rin crosses paths with a flustered Louis, who appears to be hiding his identity to evade fans and reporters. He later asks to borrow some money. Elsewhere, Soo-rin is seen riding a bicycle with her childhood friend Siwoo in a flashback where she encourages him to audition as an idol. However, the pair later get into a traffic accident while riding a bicycle.


Siwoo declares his determination to be a better singer than Louis, hinting at a rivalry between the pair, despite plans for them to collaborate. Louis’ fame later takes a hit when he is accused of tax evasion. “There’s nothing more to lose or be afraid of,” he says, standing on a rooftop.

Originally released in Japan earlier this year, Miracle is set to release on Viu on June 24. The series comprises a total of 14 episodes.

In related news, FNC Entertainment confirmed earlier this month that SF9 will be making a comeback as a six-member act in July. “It’s true that SF9 will be making a comeback as a six-member group in early July,” it stated. Members Inseong and Youngbin are currently inactive, having started their mandatory military service earlier this March, while Rowan will be absent due to scheduling conflicts with his filming for a drama.

The as-yet-unnamed record will mark SF9’s first domestic release of 2022, and act as the follow-up to their November 2021 mini-album ‘Rumination’, which was led by the title track ‘Trauma’.