‘Missing: The Other Side 2’ unveils new trailer starring Go Soo

The fantasy-thriller K-drama’s second season arrives in December

South Korean television network tvN has unveiled the first trailer for the upcoming season of Missing: The Other Side.

On November 21, tvN uploaded a new trailer for Missing: The Other Side 2 on its YouTube channel starring Go Soo, who is reprising his role as con artist Kim Wook from the series’ first season. Missing: The Other Side 2 premieres sometime in December.

In the new clip, a young boy sits in the middle of a busy street as people walk by him, seemingly unaware of his existence as they step over a missing persons’ poster with his face on it. Kim Wook emerges from the crowd and comes face-to-face with the child, picking up the poster at his feet. He flips the poster over to read a message the boy has scrawled on the back: “Mister, please find me.”


Missing: The Other Side revolves around the mysterious Duon Village, where souls of the deceased whose bodies have not been found reside. Usually invisible to the living realm, the first season of the series saw Kim Wook accidentally stumbling upon the village and realising that he is able to see the souls of the dead. Inexplicably drawn to them, he begins to help them solve the mysteries behinds their deaths and find peace.

The upcoming season sees Kim Wook resuming his work to help the souls of the village uncover the truth. Actors Heo Jun-ho (Hunting Dogs) and Ahn So-hee (Thirty-Nine) are also set to reprise their roles as the mysterious Jang Pan-seok and hacker Lee Jong-A, who help Kim Wook in his investigations.