Mnet reportedly producing male version of ‘Street Woman Fighter’

'Street Man Fighter' is set to air later this year

South Korean cable network Mnet has announced plans to produce a male version of its hit TV dance competition Street Woman Fighter.

According to a new exclusive report by The Korea Herald, industry sources told the publication on Tuesday (January 4) that the network is currently in planning stages for the male-only spin-off of the hit series.

“Kwon Young-chan, the chief producer of Street Woman Fighter and the same staff members from the program are set to lead Street Man Fighter,” added an industry official, who wished to remain anonymous, per The Korea Herald.


A separate representative, who is allegedly involved in the production of Street Man Fighter, also noted to the publication that Mnet had initially wanted to work on the programme earlier than the current timeline. However, those plans reportedly had to be pushed back due to unspecified issues with the dance crews and contestants.

An unidentified industry official also stated that a teaser for Street Man Fighter might be shown during the finale of Street Dance Girls Fighter, also a spin-off of Street Woman Fighter. The finale of the former is set to air tonight (January 4) on Mnet at 10:20pm KST.

Earlier this year, TWICE member Momo revealed that she is a fan of Street Woman Fighter. She then singled out Lee Jung of the YGX dance crew as her personal favourite: “I like Lee Jung the best. We’ve worked together, so she and I have a similar style. She is so charming.”