‘Money Heist’ Berlin spinoff to air in 2023

“I’m so happy about it,” said Pedro Alonso

Money Heist spinoff series is set to air in 2023, Netflix has confirmed.

The new drama, called Berlin: A New Series will focus on the hit show’s character of the same name, played by Pedro Alonso. The character was killed off in season two, but returned via flashbacks in subsequent episodes.

“I’m so happy about it,” Alonso said of the new project, in a statement at a fan event, obtained by TVLine. “I am deeply grateful to be able to connect with people all over the world and receive so much love and such a memorable time.


“We started this series walking into the unknown and we have been winning ever since. You fans are our accomplices and thank you for that.”

Describing the future of his character, Alonso went on: “Responsibility can be something that weighs on you. It can be a prison. But in the case of this show, it has been a wonderful opportunity and real cosmic magic. This team has gone above and beyond for five years and I am sending them all kisses.

“It is really amazing this feeling knowing that people all over the world have favourite characters and favourite quotes. This is demanding work but it is worth it because of the fans.”

Describing the show’s legacy in a recent interview with NMEMoney Heist actor Álvaro Morte said he believes the storyline is about how “wrong” the world is.


“The message that is underneath the show is about the world – and how wrong it is… and how the capitalist system works,” he said. “The money is an excuse, we should say: ‘Hey what is going wrong here? Things should change.”

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