‘Moon Knight’ director teases “twists and turns” in finale

Mohamed Diab has told fans to expect "some surprises"

Moon Knight director Mohamed Diab has promised a “satisfying” ending to the Marvel series – along with a few “twists and turns” in the plot.

The series focuses on Steven Grant (Oscar Isaac), an unassuming gift shop employee who hasn’t yet realised why his life is so chaotic. The mind-bending adventure series, based on a series of Marvel comics dating back to 1975, is set to conclude next Wednesday (May 4) on Disney+.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Diab, praised Isaac’s “magnificent” performance of both Steven and Marc in the show, which explores Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID).


“His performance is unbelievable,” Diab says. “The difference between Marc and Steven is so huge, yet they’re so similar. He did a fantastic job developing those characters, and when he inhabited the two, they’re completely different. He made them his own.”

On tackling the disorder in Moon Knight, Diab said: “I was not educated enough about [DID]. We know about the multiple identities, but I never knew why. Through episode 5, you understand that usually people who have DID are traumatized when they’re kids, and they create a character that can overcome their fear or shield themselves from their fear. They create a character that didn’t go through that trauma.

“I love how that’s integrated into the story – it makes the whole show.”

The director added that while the show was “very trippy and very fantastical,” he was proud of its approach to mental health as well. “The thing that would make it even more trippy is to deal with everything in the most grounded way, to make you feel like it’s a documentary or something made with a handheld camera. The acting is so serious, yet everything is so weird.

“I thought that could actually make the show better, just sending [viewers] into more confusion. It works because you’re seeing it from the point of view of someone who has DID. It’s like a trip into their mind.”


Discussing the finale, Diab said he felt it would provide a “satisfying wrap-up” while teasing some unexpected developments.

“There are some surprises,” he told EW. “I think the audience deserves a big action sequence, but it’s more than that. It has some twists and turns, and I really feel like it’s a satisfying ending to our journey.”

Last week (April 20), Moon Knight‘s episode 4 directors Aaron Moorhead and Justin Benson described the cliffhanger as “a gift of the script”.

In the interview, Isaac described the episode’s climax as “a total mind melt that happens when you realise the possibility that everything you’ve been watching is not what you thought it was.”