Netflix announces new Junji Ito anime series featuring ‘Tomie’ and more

A new visual for upcoming sci-fi anime ‘Moonrise’ was also revealed

Twenty titles by iconic horror manga artist Junji Ito will be adapted for the first time as a Netflix-exclusive anime series.

Announced as part of the third day (June 8) of Netflix’s Geeked Week, the anime adaptation will be titled Junji Ito Maniac: Japanese Tales of the Macabre. Works planned for adaptation include the series Soichi, Hanging Blimp and Ito’s debut work, Tomie. More titles are scheduled to be announced.

The anime is scheduled for release on Netflix in 2023. Staff behind the project have not yet been announced. More details can be found at Netflix’s Geeked Week announcement below. Ito talks about the upcoming adaptation at the 1:36:35 mark.


In the announcement, Ito also unveiled character designs for the new adaptation, and shared stories regarding the manga’s main characters. including Hanging Blimp’s Terumi Fujino, and Soichi and Tomie from their titular works. “I can’t wait to see my characters being guided into the eerie world of their imagination,” Ito said about the project.

Ito’s Uzumaki is also slated for release this October on Adult Swim. The adaptation was originally announced in 2019, but faced production delays due to the pandemic’s impacts on the anime industry. Ito’s work previously received an anime adaptation in the form of 2018’s Junji Ito Collection, which was produced by Studio Deen.

Additionally, as part of Geeked Week, Netflix also shared a new visual for the upcoming anime Moonrise, which will be produced by Wit Studio (Attack on Titan, Spy X Family, The Ancient Magus’ Bride) and acclaimed science fiction novelist Tow Ubukata. The series will be directed by Masashi Koizuka, who helmed the second and third seasons of hit series, Attack on Titan.

“Meeting the best creators for this project, I’m confident that we can create the most amazing work: a sci-fi action entertainment anime that weaves stories on the moon as a stage. Please look forward to it!,” Koizuka shared about the upcoming project.


Details were first shared about Moonrise upon its initial announcement in 2018. “Moonrise will portray the lives of two men, Jack and Al, as they confront various hardships in the vast world of outer space. All action and scenery in the unexplored parts of the Moon will be illustrated using an innovative type of animation unlike any seen before. My sincere wish is that this project inspires contemporary lives everywhere,” said Wit Studio CEO George Wada about the project, per Anime News Network.

Netflix shares more details about the project here at the 1:27:50 timestamp.