Netflix apologises for ‘Sabrina’ “Bloody Sunday” tweet: “It was unacceptable”

"We are very sorry for the hurt and distress it caused"

Netflix has apologised over an “unacceptable” tweet sent from The Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina‘s official Twitter account which included the words “bloody Sunday”.

The show, which recently ended its run of four seasons, posted a series of behind-the-scenes pictures over the weekend of various stars covered in fake blood from its official Twitter account, captioning the since-deleted tweet: “sunday bloody sunday”.

Many users subsequently pointed out that the phrase is associated with the tragic 1972 Bloody Sunday massacre in Northern Ireland, in which members of the Army’s Parachute Regiment opened fire on civil rights demonstrators on Sunday, January 30, killing 14 people.


‘Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina’. CREDIT: Netflix

“Please take a minute to read your caption, then put it into google. Then apologise to your Irish fans and anyone who was affected by the atrocities,” one user wrote in response to the tweet.

“I think at least someone behind this account should perhaps look at the replies and maybe Google ‘Bloody Sunday’,” another added.

“Apologise for joking about bloody sunday,” a third said. “One of the darkest days of irish history is NOT a punchline for americans. many of us come from families personally affected by the events of the troubles. you wouldn’t have joked about 9/11. don’t joke about that.”


Netflix, who subsequently deleted the tweet, has since said in a statement (via Deadline): “Our tweet was unacceptable and has since been removed. We are very sorry for the hurt and distress it caused”.

The Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina, which stars Kiernan Shipka as the titular witch, premiered its final run of episodes last month. The series also stars Ross Lynch, Michelle Gomez and Lucy Davis.

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